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More About Axuda

Axuda is a non-profit organization working to provide financial resources to individuals in our local communities who are struggling to meet their short-term financial needs. Axuda’s goal is to provide a forum for Borrowers to tell their stories and then have their loan request crowdlended by Axuda Lenders.

By “crowdlended,” we mean lending to a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically online. In Axuda’s case, a group of people that we call “Axuda Lenders” donate an amount of money of their choosing to Axuda and then direct this donated money to an “Axuda Borrower” of their choosing, who have requested short-term financial assistance. As an Axuda loan is repaid, the funds can be used again to lend to other Axuda loan requests.

The founders of Axuda realized there needs to be a better, modern way to help our neighbors. So they created Axuda – an online community where lenders can give, and borrowers can pay-it-forward.


The money you contribute to Axuda to help crowd-fund loans is considered a donation. What makes Axuda different is that an Axuda Lender’s donated funds stay in their own profile account to lend at their discretion. An Axuda Lender can choose which Loan Request(s) to allocate their funds to, and how much they want to lend to that particular Loan Request giving them the control over their donated funds.

As the Borrower repays their loan, the funds are returned to the Axuda Lender’s account so that the Axuda Lender can re-lend the funds to another Borrower for another loan.


According to recent studies, over 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and 53% cannot afford a $400 emergency expense unless they sold something or borrowed money. Without sufficient income to cover basic needs such as housing, it becomes next to impossible to build up even a small amount of savings for unforeseen expenses or to plan for a more prosperous future.

A loan through Axuda offers relief for those struggling with economic stability by providing a unique, anonymous, and convenient way to help cover unexpected or emergency costs such as car repairs, moving expenses, outstanding bills, and more.

Some statistics to consider:

  • Approximately one out of every seven households (14.5%) lives below the federal income poverty line, a rate that has remained virtually unchanged in four years.
  • Nearly 44% of households are liquid asset poor, meaning they have less than three months of savings to cover expenses if they lose a job, face a medical emergency or are hit by some other unexpected income disruption.
  • One in three American households has no savings account, leaving them more vulnerable when emergencies arise.

Without savings to cover emergencies, payday lenders, auto-title, and other short-term small-dollar installment loans are often the next best option. These options are “predatory”, and can create a harmful and unhealthy downward spiral into more debt. Axuda is a new and innovative way for individuals to avoid these unhealthy financial alternatives.

By lending as little as $10 on Axuda, anyone can help a borrower get out of a tough situation that may be holding them back from getting to work, finding a new place to live, a better job, or caring for their children. The magic of this community-based model is that as a borrower pays back the loan, the money is returned to the lender to be lent out to someone else who needs assistance.

Article reference: The Corporation for Enterprise and Development Assets and Opportunity Scorecard 2016.


Become a Lender: Create a profile and add funds to your account. Once funds have been added, browse loan requests to fund – and lend to them!

Become a Borrower: If you would like to submit a loan request, you must first speak to a Sponsor organization in your area to qualify. Contact us at to locate a sponsor near you.

Become a Sponsor: Potential Sponsor organizations should review our qualifications and then submit an application for review.

To learn more about Axuda, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at

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