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What Axuda is all about -
People Helping People
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What is Axuda?

Axuda is a non-profit organization working to provide small, short-term interest free loans to working individuals and families that need a helping-hand. Axuda provides a forum for Borrowers to tell their stories and have their loan request crowdlended by several Axuda Lenders. Once an Axuda loan is repaid, the funds are used again to lend to other Axuda Borrowers.

You Make Axuda Possible

Axuda is comprised of four important groups of participants:


Borrowers are individuals with short-term financial needs that other traditional lending programs cannot fill. Working with a Sponsor, a Borrower makes a loan request for up to $600. Once the loan is funded, the Borrower will repay the loan with a term of up to one year.


A Lender will help fund a loan for a Borrower. The Lender chooses how much money to lend to each Borrower of their choosing. With each loan payment, money is returned to the Lender's account to be lent again to another Borrower.

Non-Profit Sponsors

Non-profit sponsors are community organizations that provide assistance and services to the Borrower. Familiar with the Borrower, the Non-profit sponsor determines need and ability of the Borrower to repay loan. Sponsors also work with the Borrower to help them make the loan request online.

Business Sponsors

Business sponsors are employers who help connect employees in need with becoming a Borrower. They also help foster philanthropic lending opportunities within their company by providing information and support to employees interested in becoming Lenders to the Axuda program.

How It Works

Choose a Borrower

Browse the list of loan requests. Borrowers are seeking funding for a variety of needs such as vehicle repairs, moving expenses, and education costs.

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Choose any number of loan requests to fund with as little as $10. You choose how many loans to fund and how much you want to lend.

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Get Repaid

As the Borrower repays the interest-free loan, funds return to your Axuda account.

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Use your loan repayments to lend to additional loan requests from Axuda Borrowers.

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What People Are Saying

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